I’m not fishing these

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*subtle hints of self hatred in everything i say*

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Reblog if a teacher has ever



Bullied you, talked to you like you were stupid, , made you feel uncomfortable, offended you, harassed you, made you feel like you were dumb, made fun of you, ignored you, or talked down to you

Im trying to prove a point to my father that teachers can be as hurtful as the students

not directly at me but called my class mate stupid in front of all of the class (and refuses to apologize)

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  • DЯΛGӨПЩIПG: Note to self
  • DЯΛGӨПЩIПG: Do not draw dragons frick fracking
  • DЯΛGӨПЩIПG: Do not ever draw dragons frick fracking
  • sasaooc: pffffffft
  • sasaooc: now you must post it
  • DЯΛGӨПЩIПG: I didn't
  • sasaooc: and have Xekstrin reblog it
  • DЯΛGӨПЩIПG: I thought of it
  • DЯΛGӨПЩIПG: Then I said no
  • sasaooc: pffffft
  • DЯΛGӨПЩIПG: Just no
  • DЯΛGӨПЩIПG: >.>;
  • sasaooc: hahaha
  • DЯΛGӨПЩIПG: Some lines I should not cross
  • sasaooc: mhmmm
  • sasaooc: not yet anyways
  • DЯΛGӨПЩIПG: You're horrible
  • DЯΛGӨПЩIПG: Do you want to talk to Blake doing the do with a dragon Weiss then?
  • DЯΛGӨПЩIПG: -snickers-
  • sasaooc: *awaiting the day Sempai becomes famous for drawing dragons fricking*
  • DЯΛGӨПЩIПG: Oh, if Ana saw me now. -mock swoons-
  • sasaooc: hahahah
  • sasaooc: *mock catches*
  • DЯΛGӨПЩIПG: This is perhaps the most incredible conversation I've had all day
  • DЯΛGӨПЩIПG: It goes on tumblr now

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Pray for South Korea

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Everything below was found at this website which is likely suspect and should be taken with a grain of salt. I, personally found quite a bit of relevance in the bits below.

Forewarning: it’s about Self Hate (as I [likely mistakenly] believe it pertains to myself).

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I am so entirely sick of people ragging on characters that want/try to do the right thing. see: Captain America, see: Superman, see: Scott McCall

It’s always so utterly transparent too. Like I get it, these characters make you uncomfortable because you see them in all the most awful, horrible situations, the kind of rock and a hard place that would break anyone, only it doesn’t break them, it doesn’t force them into the darkness, it doesn’t keep them from being good and kind, and that freaks you the fuck out because you know, were you in that same place, if you had to make those same choices, you wouldn’t be good and kind, you would compromise. (and I include myself here, I’m no Captain America, none of us are really, but why should that mean we shouldn’t try to be? where did we all get this idea that it’s wrong to try to be good and can we pls get rid of it)

And for some of you, it just infuriates you, how dare someone challenge you or your beliefs, how dare they make you question your actions. You hear things like “You will give the people an ideal to strive towards. They will race behind you, they will stumble, they will fall. But in time, they will join you in the sun” and your reaction is I don’t want to join you in the sun, I want to drag you down to earth and make you just as twisted and wretched as the rest of us because I can’t stand the idea that I could ever be wrong about things, that I could ever need to grow and change and become better.

And I’m just so sick of it. I’m sick of people being enamored with darkness and amorality. I’m sick of people glorifying characters that are absolutely horrible (yes some of the most interesting characters, and some of my favorites even, are not always good guys, but jfc they are not who we should aspire to be like) and trashing characters just for having the audacity to be good people. I’m sick of people acting like being a giant asshole or even legitimately terrible wrong person is ‘cool’ or ‘edgy’, it’s not, it’s really fucking not. Being good is cool. Doing the right thing is edgy (don’t believe me, try doing it for once and see how much push back you get, it’s not so easy being good). Being better then you were a year ago, a month ago, yesterday, that’s cool. Captain America and Superman and all the other characters that challenge us to do better, be better, they are fucking cool.

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Skype Shenaningans: BOOB Edition

[2:07:02 PM] Cigarettesandholywater: I don’t know
[2:07:11 PM] Cigarettesandholywater: what do you do with one boob?
[2:07:24 PM] Aresmarked: play with it?
[2:08:18 PM] Cigarettesandholywater: is it a ball?

[2:09:50 PM] ieatedanimation: squeeze the boob
[2:09:55 PM] ieatedanimation: rub it on ur face
[2:11:22 PM] Radiationbender: all my years of making out w/ girls
[2:11:24 PM] Radiationbender: did not prepare me for this
[2:11:59 PM] ieatedanimation: suck on the tit
[2:12:11 PM] ieatedanimation: hehehe
[2:12:35 PM] ieatedanimation: omfg you broke the boob
[2:16:40 PM] *** Call ended, duration 07:49 ***
[2:16:51 PM] Aresmarked: well that was an experience
[2:16:51 PM] Cigarettesandholywater: *still laughing*
[2:17:01 PM] Sasa: hehe
[2:17:02 PM] Aresmarked: i’m glad to have been part of that

[2:19:48 PM] Cigarettesandholywater: I told sis about the boob and she said they should come in a set
[2:19:57 PM] Aresmarked: they ought to
[2:20:03 PM] Cigarettesandholywater: no boob should be a alone
[2:20:14 PM] Sasa: pfffft

[2:31:53 PM] Pandoricscripture: What did I miss?
[2:31:57 PM] Radiationbender: im still laughing tho
[2:32:04 PM] Radiationbender: i burst the boob

[2:32:43 PM] Cigarettesandholywater: no I’ll start laughing again
[2:32:50 PM] Radiationbender: u wanna look at it again cig?
[2:32:53 PM] Radiationbender: im done showing other people
[2:32:59 PM] ieatedanimation: show us
[2:33:01 PM] ieatedanimation: pls
[2:33:04 PM] Cigarettesandholywater: no oh god I need air
[2:33:05 PM] Aresmarked: yas
[2:33:06 PM] ieatedanimation: show us thE BOOB

[2:33:08 PM] Aresmarked: show pan
[2:33:31 PM] Pandoricscripture: oh my god
[2:33:34 PM] Pandoricscripture: What is that
[2:33:49 PM] Pandoricscripture: That is incredible
[2:33:58 PM] Pandoricscripture: I didn’t know you could get things like that
[2:34:29 PM] ieatedanimation: duct tape the boob back together
[2:37:42 PM] Radiationbender: throwing it on the ground and watching it deflate slowly is so sad
[2:40:33 PM] Radiationbender: im gonna try to
[2:40:36 PM] Radiationbender: glue it back together
[2:40:43 PM] ieatedanimation: glue the boob
[2:40:44 PM] Sasa: do it
[2:40:54 PM] ieatedanimation: glueeeeeeeeeee the booooooooooob
[2:41:16 PM] ieatedanimation: da boob glue
[2:41:22 PM] ieatedanimation: gluoob
[2:43:12 PM] ieatedanimation: the boob bandaid
[2:43:16 PM] ieatedanimation: the boob aid
[2:43:21 PM] ieatedanimation: claps
[2:43:26 PM] ieatedanimation: -high fives-
[2:44:20 PM] ieatedanimation: omfg
[2:44:25 PM] ieatedanimation: this is beautiful to watch
[2:45:25 PM] *** Call ended, duration 12:14 ***
[2:45:42 PM] Cigarettesandholywater: *still laughing*
[2:45:52 PM] Sasa: glorious
[2:45:54 PM] ieatedanimation: me2
[2:46:08 PM] Sasa: I would laugh more but I hurt
[2:46:23 PM] ieatedanimation: but sasa
[2:46:25 PM] ieatedanimation: boob aid

[2:48:56 PM] Cigarettesandholywater: majestic
[2:50:03 PM] Cigarettesandholywater: …
[2:50:05 PM] Cigarettesandholywater: ….
[2:50:12 PM] Cigarettesandholywater: boob

[2:54:23 PM] Sasa: hehehe
[2:54:27 PM] Sasa: boob
[2:55:12 PM] ieatedanimation: bewb
[2:55:23 PM] Cigarettesandholywater: beeeewbs
[2:55:31 PM] Cigarettesandholywater: I still think it’s hilarious

[3:01:33 PM] Cigarettesandholywater: pls don’t base it on my cat if you make it she’s a
[3:01:34 PM] Cigarettesandholywater: boob
[3:02:21 PM] Sasa: pffffft




What does kindness get you? This.



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Only reblogging because I’m a greedy bitch who wants money.



Hey doesn’t hurt to reblog ya knoww and if money is involved….


My mom’s paycheck arrives in 4d days, THIS SHIT WORKKSS

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